dedicated to the art of piano improvisation


All scores are copyright.  You may print and use them in live performance provided you let the author know and credit the composer.  All commercial recording rights are reserved by the composers.

(1)  Modal One: a piece with interesting rhythms and a time change.  JGStephenson@hotmail.com

(2)  Calypso for Beth:  Very jazz FM!   JGStephenson@hotmail.com

(3).  Blues in C Sharp minor.  Probably a lot easier in Cm but I wanted a challenge. JGStephenson@hotmail.com


Decorating The Dom 7 JGS Adding 13ths, 9ths, + altered notes
C Blues 1 subst. JGS Simple Blues with VI-II sub and scales
Easy II-V-I JGS II-V-I exercise used in Foundation course
Scales Summary   JazzCenter.org site
Aebersold Handbook JA The free jazz theory handbook from J Aebersold