dedicated to the art of piano improvisation

MP3 files are converted from the lesson CD as mono 32Kbit MP3.


Track    Description MP3, lofi
1 Introduction to the course Play mp3 3m26
2 Dominant 7th chord for G, closed position Play mp3 1m57
3 G7 Root and shell Play mp3 2m20
4 G7 scale Play mp3 1m57
5 C7 chord, closed, root and shell and scale Play mp3 2m10
6 F7 chord plus scale Play mp3 3m07
7  Scales and finger technique using G, F and C Play mp3 2m04
8 Shell movement when the bass rises a 4th, guide tones Play mp3 2m24
9 Assignment – 12 bar blues using root, shells and melodies Play mp3 4m22
10 Swing drum track for assignment Play mp3 5m10
11 Doodle blues, my C blues using material from the lesson, root, shells plus simple improvised melodies. Play mp3 1m44
Total CD playing time 31 m